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Sunset Eyeshadow

I decided to do a sunset-looking eyeshadow, with a lot of highlight. I know the eyeshadow isn't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with how the look came out. 


I started out by brushing the shade "You're Kidding" across my eyelid, and then I layered the shade "Rusted" just above that and blended the two. I swept "Rusted" out to the edge of my eyebrow, for a bit of a winged look. I swept the shade "518" above the blended eyeshadow and blended that in as well. Finally, I took the shade "Bee" and brushed it just under my eyebrows, and blended it with the rest of my eyeshadow, and added more eyeshadow in places where it seemed sparse. For my highlight, I used the shade "Ringlight" in the same palette, and I swept it across my cheekbones and on the tip of my nose. 

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  • Sabrina

    That looks amazing on you! You applied it with perfection. Plus I just love your hair! ❤️

  • Melissa Griffith

    It turned out beautifully. Do you think the James Charles palette has a different formula to the traditional Morphe palettes. I have noticed a lot of hits and misses with the formula, and it seems the influencer collab palettes usually have the better formula.

  • sally peabody

    Beautiful work ! You have an artistic hand and shows. I could never pull those bold shadows off. you look flawless in every way. I love it ! Thank you. The James Charles collection is incredible all round.