Sun Protection, Natural Coverage, and Dreamy Scent

The sun is still out and shining strong, which means you need to protect your beautiful skin!
To be honest, I have never used a BB before and I had to actually google what it was (don't @ me 😂). I've never been big into makeup...only recently have I started wearing it more frequently and seriously. I received a complimentary Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance in No. 35 Coffee and so far I'm loving it; the packaging, smell, feel, final look and benefit of this product! Let's get right to it...
There are a lot of misconceptions that people of colour have with the relationship between sun protection and melanin. Our skin is the first line of defense and it's important that people of all skin tones protect it from the sun's damaging rays. I've never been one to use sunscreen because I fell for that same misconception and because it stinks!
After doing some research on skin cancer, people of colour and the use of sun protection**, I plan on making sure that my first line of defense is covered. On that note, Broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen is the main benefit of this BB cushion and it smells pretty darn good. It provides the protection that your skin needs without the bad smell we all despise. Pro tip: make sure you apply every 2 hours to maintain protection!

It threw me off a bit, when I pressed the cushion puff on the BB cushion, twisted, and looked at the moist product. I've only ever been exposed to a dry product in a cushion format, so to have a moist, dewy formula was a nice surprise. Like I said, I'm just getting into makeup.
The pigment is double-coated and infused with moisturizing properties, which helps maintain skin hydration. I absolutely love the barely-there feel and it provides the perfect amount of coverage. I feel this product is best for individuals that don't like wearing a lot of makeup and just want light coverage for those hot and sunny summer days.
The only issue I have with this product is that I found it makes my skin look a tad bit on the grey side. This has always been an issue for people of colour, but I know that things are changing and moving in the right direction for more inclusive products. The greyness of the BB cushion is not horribly noticeable in pictures, but it definitely is slightly there.

Branding and visuals are everything to me. I love, absolutely love, the packaging of this Laneige cushion! The slenderness and crisp white colour of the container, as well as, the iridescent detailing around the rim and on the box, make my heart skip a beat. The pigment on the cushion stands out even more because of the white circular container. All of those details create the perfect combination for a beautiful, chic product. Go check out Sephora for Laneige's BB Cushion!
Do you use BB cushions? Have you tried any other Laneige products? I need to step my makeup game up, let me know what your favourite products are!
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    Alex Diehl

    How have you never used a BB before? Lol not judging just surprised! Nice video! Keep it up

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