Summer Essentials 2020

amara beauty vitamin c cleanser - it's important to have a good cleanser to wash away dirt and sunscreen. this gets the job done and is not drying at all


amara beauty aloe vera gel - this is the only thing that soothes my sunburn. i've tried sprays and other aloes, but this one turns my burnt skin into a tan instantly 


ryan porter "beaches, babes & bonfires" candle - i love going to the beach in the summer! when i'm not there, this blend of bamboo, mango, tangerine, and coconut instantly makes me feel like i'm in a tropical paradise


dermala "supplemeant to be" probiotics - we are all guilty of eating unhealthily on vacation. probiotics are super helpful to balance everything out and make sure your gut is healthy 


fleur & bee "rose and shine" toner - especially with the sun drying out your skin and the inevitable sunburn, this hydrating and soothing toner mist is a must in my routine


miami beach bum leave in conditioner - pools and oceans really take a toll on your hair's moisture. this leave in conditioner is reef safe, and is made to be applied before going in the pool or ocean to protect your hair. it's also great as a regular leave in conditioner and smells like orange creamsicles!

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