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Summer 2020: Get the Bright & Bold Colorblock Look!

Hey Prismpoppers!
Summer 2020 is the time to bust out with bold pops of color! And you don’t have to be highly skilled or wear lots of makeup to try this Bright & Bold Colorblock trend!
Just simply choose 2 or 3 bright colors for your eyes and one or two bold lipstick shades for your lips! I kept it simple with 2 colors on my eyes and 1 color on my lips.
Here are the steps I took and the products I used to create my look:
1. Applied Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow primer to my top lid and bottom lash line.
2. I packed on IBY Beauty’s Ocean Awakening palette shade “Vitamin Sea” (marigold yellow) to my lids using an eyeshadow shader brush. After packing the color all over my lid, I light blended up toward my eyebrows and out toward the tail of my eyebrow.
3. Applied IBY Beauty’s Ocean Awakening palette shade “Ultraviolet” (matte deep purple) to my bottom lash line using a flat eyeliner brush. I lightly blended the shade and then I packed more color on.
4. Applied Eyeko’s Lash Alert to top and bottom lashes.
5. I used Pacifica’s Magical Multi Pencil in “Bare” to my waterline to brighten my eyes! You may also use a colored eyeliner, preferably a shade similar to the eyeshadow on your bottom lash line to really make that color pop!
6. Last but not least, I added MAC’s lipstick in “Show Orchid.” It’s bright, fun, and one of my favorite shades for summer!

Hope you enjoyed this look! If you did, then hit the LIKE button. If you want to try this look, then hit the I WANNA TRY button! Leave a comment and be sure to follow me for more looks like this! Until next time! -Crystal

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  • Raven Hyllested

    Love the color combo!

  • Myshell

    Really cool post !! You look marvelous darling 💖

  • April

    Wow! You are awesome at doing eye makeup! Your eyes look amazing girl! And with the red lipstick, even more beautiful! I am so nervous about putting any eye shadow on. Even just a brown i get so nervous, like im doing it wrong or im going to look crazy. I have no idea on how to apply eye shadow but ive watched hundreds and hundreds of YouTube videos and still no closer getting it. Thanks for your review girl and your eyes look amazing!💜

  • Robin Bell

    Big bold lips are beautiful on you

  • Sylvia Foster

    Nice bright bold playful colors. Never tried a different top and bottom look. Looks good on you tho. Not sure I would try it on me. Very nice make up tho.

  • lamees

    So pretty 😍

  • Audrey poeling

    I wanna try

  • Lisa

    What a great summer look! Love the fun bright colors!!

  • Carrie

    Omg you are so pretty I wish I can wear this love the colors..

  • Shannon Pippin

    That lipstick is everything 😍😍😍 I love this look!

  • Kaitlin white

    The look looks beautiful on you. Unfortunately I cannot pull off a bold lip like that because of my tiny lips it looks ridiculous so I have to stick with nodes but you wear it well!

  • Nancy Padilla

    I love the look and looks great on you!

  • Amy

    So have Instagram? I swear I seen you lol

  • Tanmaya

    I love bright colors too❤️It gives me confidence, specially the pinks and the reds.💕❤️ I love your look and you look beautiful 💕

  • Kathy Flores

    I'm going to try this eye look today

  • Olga Davis

    Yessssssssssss🔥 shining bright like a 💎.I LOVE the BOLD look.

  • Cristy

    Slam dunk look you have here! Your eyes are so lit here, its glorious. The lip color just knocks it out of the park. You can't go wrong with MAC though I will say, especially their lipsticks. My favorite summer color look makeup wise is The Icon Eyeshadow Palette by Charlotte Tilbury. I just think every shade is meticulously curated to send summer vibes shooting through you intensely. I immediately upon applying these shades to my lids, get the summer fun sense come over me. My favorite lipstick to pair with this palette is also Charlotte Tilbury is the Hot Lips 2 in Glowing Jen which is a a tawny, beachy rose lipstick that is in a word 'stunning' and so moisturizing you'll want in on your lips all day long.

  • Tracy Pittman

    It's great I can't wait

  • Pamela king

    That great

  • Micheala

    Wow this is a great review thanks

  • Kelly K

    Brilliantly & awesome!!!! I never thought to use two different eye liners and such. That looks incredible! I love the colors in the eyeshadow palette too. Very nice! As for today's daily questions? I have really dry skin so my biggest thing is just moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. My favorite colors of the summer are bold bright colors and metallic. I'm really like hot pink with gold or even silver. Kind of like the look you posted above. LOVE it! Anyway, thanks again and have a great day!💜

  • Joylynn Grindle

    girl love the bold look.I use Revlon color stay foundation for my combination skin. Along with Olay skin products for oily and dry skin apply where they are needed. My t-zone is the oily area on my face, while the rest is dry for most of the year. I am using all kinds of looks this year. I have been getting out of my comfort zone using colors Like Pink, Blue, Orange, and Green for eye-shadow. Using pinker and magenta lip colors and blushes along with trying out more highlighters and trying to figure out bronzing

  • Pauline

    Crystal thanks for sending out this post. Looks great on you but too bold for summer looks for me. Light skin tone here.

  • Lonnie Ko

    I try to find vegan makeup and skincare that would work on my combination skin like the brand Farmacy. And the look I'm trying for this summer is neutral subtle look with bright red lips!

  • Jason