Stop & Swatch Some Rose Shades! 🥳 "She's In Parties" Palette by Melt

Hi PrismPop! 
I’m Crystal and today I’m swatching “She’s in Parties” eyeshadow palette by Melt Cosmetics! 
It has eight pink/magenta shades including: 
Lost Control - Deep metallic plum with a black base. 🖤
Meanstreak - Metallic lavender with a lilac shift. 💜
Sleep Walk - Darkest matte, deep plum. 🍇
She’s in parties - The darkest matte, red/plum shade. 🍷
Last Caress - Cool toned, matte mauve. 🥀
Total Immortal - Matte & muted lilac. 👾
Strange Love - Metallic lavender with a lilac shift. ✨
Skeleton Kiss - Metallic ice cream vanilla shade with a rose gold shift. 🌹

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