Stay (Rose) Golden: The New BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

So, remember when rose gold hit the scene this last time, and everybody went crazy for it? When was that…? 2014? 2015? I keep thinking that one day it’s going to fall out of fashion, but it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, am I right? Like, the new BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette ($46) is ROSE. GOLD. EVERYTHING. And I’m lovin’ it.
Isn’t it pretty??

This face palette… It caused quite a stir when it launched a couple weeks ago. I had a friend text me, and she was like, “Should I get it? SHOULD I GET IT?” and I was like, “I dunno! You should get it if you want to,” and she texted back, “Well, OK, I guess I’ll hold off on it…” Then she wrote back 30 minutes later and said, “I bought it!”
I totally get why it would ignite a frenzy. I mean, even the outside packaging is beyond beautiful. It’s got pinkish peach marbling and the BECCA X Chrissy logo.
But when you open it, it gets even better.

Chrissy Teigen is a model, mom, cookbook author and the Mrs. to singer John Legend. Have you seen their daughter, Luna? I just want to pick her up and kiss the living daylights outta those cheeks, ERHMAHGOD. Anyway, she’s all sorts of famous, in case you were unaware.
There’s a lot of newness in this palette, which is probably one of the many reasons why people are going crazy for it. There’s a new golden apricot highlighter called Beach Nectar. It’s the one with the heart in the pan on the lower right.
Then there’s shimmery Rose Gold Highlighter, a re-promote from the permanent line, on the upper left, and sunset golden bronze Sunlit Bronzer in Malibu Soleil on the lower left, which looks like it would be super shimmery when you see it in the pan, but it’s not (it’s more like a satin). It’s also new.
Lastly, there’s golden pinkish coral Luminous Blush in Hibiscus Bloom, which has a shimmery finish, and it’s new, too.
Chrissy has warm-toned skin, so I’m not surprised that her palette would lean warm and flatter toasty caramel skin tones particularly well, although I can also see this palette working well for skin tones that are on the lighter and deeper ends of the spectrum.
If you’re all about the cool tones, however, this will probably be a no-go for ya. It might not look right because everything leans very warm, but if you like the way you look in warm tones and and you love gold, coral, peach, bronze AND shimmer, this palette could be hard to resist.
Oh, and especially because everything looks so effortlessly natural. It has that BECCA beach glam quality, ya know? It’s like, “Yeah, I know you’re wearing makeup, because you obviously didn’t roll out of bed that way, all bronzed and highlighted and blushed, but DAYUM! — you look good.”

I also love that the palette works, not just as a cheek and face palette, but as an eye palette, too. Everything in the palette doubles as an eyeshadow — the bronzer, the highlighter, and I bet even the blush. I feel like that adds extra value to it.
Sometimes with limited edition products, you see a difference between the quality of the products in the LE items and the products in the permanent line. BECCA’s permanent blushes, bronzers and highlighters are usually squishy, creamy and feel almost wet, even though they’re technically powder products, so they have a very distinct softness to them that you don’t see in a lot of brands (a million years ago, I remember reading somewhere that BECCA’s powders have an unusually high amount of water, which is why they feel that way).
Luckily, the LE powders in Chrissy’s palette feel similar to the products in the permanent line, in that you can put a finger in a pan, run it across, and it’ll just glide… You’ll pick up plenty of powder. They definitely have that softness to them, which helps when I’m blurring out the edges with my brush. It’s sooo easy to blend everything! — the blush, the bronzer and highlighter.
The only difference I notice between the LE and perm products is that the Chrissy powders feel juuust a smidgen drier to me than the permanent versions, but it doesn’t change the way they blend or look on skin. I don’t think it’s a big deal.
So, I do have to mention that I’ve been hearing rumblings about this palette looking very similar to another LE cheek palette BECCA did a while back with Jaclyn Hill, which had similar rose gold tones.
I’ve see the Jaclyn Hill palette in passing, and yeah, I can see how the two kind of echo each other, so if you already have that one and you’re happy with it, you might be able to skip this and not have FOMO pangs in your chest.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,
💟Karen 💟
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