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Star skin melt away lace

This amazing one of a kind Revamping meltaway lace eye mask.  With lifting lace tm.                               Step one: wash face and pat dry. Remove mask carefully from package and unfold.                      Step two: once mask is unfolded you will notice it has two protective layers gently remove the clear one and discard, position over your eye area and gently remove the white protective layer. Smooth out any air bubbles.                                            Third and final step leave on for 20-40 minutes to let the gel serum melt into your skin. Remove and discard. Gently pat remaining serum into your skin. DO NOT RINSE.  This amazing mask has some great ingredients hyaluronic acid for plumping, collagen for hydrating, Korean mugwort for brightening and adenosine for antiwrinkle. This mask is great doesn't have a scent it's made of cotton fibers and really works!


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