Spascriptions Bedazzled Peel Off Mask

I adore this amazing mask because for one it looks amazing and makes you feel like a glamorous unicorn while wearing it. I also love the fact that it is a peel off mask versus wash off as those tend to be a bit messy at times for me. This mask is super easy to apply and only takes 20 minutes to completely dry. That is a huge plus to me because most other wash off masks I use tend to take over 30 to dry completely and are messy to wash off or leave residue after the fact. 

I also love that when you go to take this off it peels off so easily and completely that you don't need to scrub to get those tiny bits left by most others out there. To apply it you only need very little of the product so this little tub will last you a good while. I also really love the way this thing smells, it's a caffeine and mint mask so it smells divine, like amaretto coffee. After a few uses of this these past few weeks I noticed my skin is much more supple, wrinkles are disappearing and my skin tone is evening out. I highly recommend this awesome mask to anyone looking to give themselves a little spa pampering at home. 

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