Spascriptions Bedazzled Peel Off Mask

After a long day I finally get to try this amazing mask I just bought. I am in love with this @spascriptions Firming Bedazzled Peel Off Mask. It smells amazing for one, like sweet minty grapes, yum😋😋 It's also really easy to apply and a little goes a long way so this container will give you at least five treatments.

I went ahead and left this on for 20 minutes versus the 10 - 15 suggested and it dried completely . The mask is super easy to take off and I love that it is extremely shiny and purple (my fav color) plus it has super cute silver star glitter in it.  I feel like a sexy, sassy purple unicorn 😁😁😁 I just love it and am hooked, I can't wait to try the other two that came in my kit.


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  • sally peabody

    I really like Spascriptions ! No one ever mentions them so I am so gad you did you sexy, sassy unicorn. Who does not love purple ?! Seriously I would buy this they have quality inexpensive products and I do like a peel off mask that actually peels off ! Very good review

  • Sarah

    Looks spectacular would love to try!! What is the price tag on these