SOS! Drying Blemish Powder (and it's PINK!)

SOS Drying Blemish Powder is a pink powder solution that helps clear up acne and breakouts. 💗
I love that it's a cute pink color
You're not supposed to shake it - just apply the drying powder with a q-tip or a brush.
Apply before going to bed and rinse off when you wake up.
I've noticed that using the Oh K! Beauty Drying Pink Blemish Powder daily has reduced the size of my blemishes!
Let me know if you've tried this down in the comments.
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  • Britteny Ligon

    Great video

  • Lindsey

    I want to try, I have never tried blemish powder before

  • Lauren Velasco

    never heard of this before but your review made me eager to look more into it and after reading a little more about it I'm ordering it now, thank you!!

  • Nicole

    I wanna try! This looks so good and I’ve heard really good feedback on it.

  • Cheyenne

    I definitely wanna try it. I’ve tried so many Acne solutions and nothing seems to help

  • Tina rose

    Thanks for the excellent review

  • Jennifer Noble

    That sounds awesome

  • Sonika Raj

    SOS drying blemish powder sounds amazing but i didn't like the packaging it's not attractive. I often get attracted by beautiful packaging but really sometimes I paid the price. Although, some product don't have nice packaging buy they are really good. Nice packaging definitely plays an important role to attract customers like me. This product looks amazing and i will try.

  • Naf

    Interesting product and texture. I think that's something that I'll need for my redness. The product that attracted me with its packaging and appearance is Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate. I think the packaging is cute!

  • Kassandra

    Great review. I'd like to try this! I use Dickinson's witch hazel because it comes in a glass bottle. I feel so fancy having it.

  • tia

    I’ve never tried it but it sounds so amazing!

  • Anna hudson

    I use to use something just like this when I was a teen and it was pink and it worked wonders. I like c cute packaging a brush I naught it was in like plastic tube, but unfortunately my dogs liked it tomo and ate it but I got to it before they got intolerance the brush.

  • Ja-Nee

    Great review! I love attractive packaging. I use SIMPLE new pouches because of the cute packaging. They are small, squeezable and so fun. The packaging has a cute face with pink lips that my daughter absolutely loves. I have the moisturizer, micellar water and cleanser. They are the best. I also like the twist off caps too.

  • Kimberly

    Such a cute pink color! I am going to have to try that! Thank you for your review!!!


    You've gotta love this line of beauty products just on the packaging alone. MY BEAUTY SPOT "SPARKLE & SHINE".

  • Katie

    Interesting product! Recently, I just got the Natasha Denona bloom palette! I was immediately attracted to the very cute, light pink, girly, compact packaging! And the colors inside are even more beautiful. Just couldn’t resist!

  • sally peabody

    That is very cool and unique. Your review/demo is excellent I like this product very much. Chanel is my number one all round pick in skin care, makeup. etc. A new line has caught my eye...Huda...beautiful shadow colors incredible pigments. I really like their metallic and earth tones. Practical packaging for carrying in purse.

  • Tiffany

    I like the packaging from Lancome renergie lift multi-action ultra, its in a heavy glass jar, purple/lavender hues.

  • Pat Riley

    Never tired it but now am.curious to check it out . My other go to beauty products is by It Cosmetics, CC+ Color Correcting full coverage cream SPF 50+ anti - aging hydrating serum . It's absolutely fabulous . Ty

  • Sarah

    I have tried this product! It works wonders! I absolutely loved this

  • Hallie

    I got 24k gold serum as a gift. I personally think gold in skincare is a fad and doesn't have real benefits, but seeing the flakes floating around in the bottle was very pretty.

  • Stephanie Grant

    I have never tried this before, but I would love to try this..

  • Brenda Parker

    I have never.tried but would love too!

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