I got to try 🐼 Oh K! SOS Clarifying Mask 🎉

I was crazy happy to try this cute oh k! S.O.S. Leopard skeet mask clarifying solution. I dont usually get a hold of korean beauty products so this was a great try for me. I like the bag that has the dark black and blue leopard print on in, and the mask is the same print. Super cute little panda in the top corner is a win. On the back of the packaging, everything is in korean as well as many other languages so your able to get a description of what's it's use, what to do and how to use it!!! 
My first thoughts were that this mask can help clear up dark spots and acne breakouts due to it being a clarifying mask. Which means this mask can get down into the skin and treat those spots because of the willow bark and it will also help me out with toning down my oily skin because of the teat tree extract that it has. 

When ready to use, I cleans and toner my skin then I apply the mask for 20min. As it sits I like to use a cold jade roller wich feels pretty good once done. Then I remove the mask and massage the rest of the serum into my skin and move on to my next step in my routine. 

After use I have the regular feeling of taking a face mask off. No biggie! Nice soft feeling of clean skin. With a hint of refreshingly good formulas. Not too sticky but it has some tackiness to it like a primer. This mask seems like it's made for all skin types. It can also be used daily because it locks in moisture.  

Do not use if you have sensitive skin or on broken skin. You don't want to cause any irritation and cause more harm. It also has fragrance in it as well. You can purchase this mask for $5

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