Hello there beautiful people ,                                          I'm back with another Review today I'm reviewing SOOMLAB PURIFYING MASK and I'm so happy that I was able to try this product because I love it so much , When i put this mask on instantly I could tell that I was able to breath so much better than I could with My cloth mask that Im used to wearing . Have you ever been in the grocery store and have had to lift up your mask so you can breath ? If you answered yes  to this question than this mask is exspecialy for you ! This mask looks like it's paper on one side and cloth 
on the other side and the Air smells so much cleaner when you wear it , Let's imagine that were at the grocery store and the guy infront of you keeps coughing on you and your not sure if he just has a cold or it's Covid 19 , Which mask would you rather be wearing ? Your traditional mask or a mask that purifies the air that you breath Instantly ? I don't know about anybody else but I've choose the one that purifies the air and I'm so glad that I did because I have little ones that count on me !! I've not only made the switch for myself but my kids as well , And it was easy to do because just one purchase of this item gets you a huge box that includes 10 different masks inside !! That's a huge package , You can also choose your color , I know for a fact that these come in black , Or white , I like the idea of getting both box's so you can color cordinate according to your wardrobe , You know ! White for when your feeling angelic and black for when your feeling a little Edgy . When you take this mask out of the package you'll notice that the nose shape kinda forms a V , That's so the mask fits perfectly around your nose , Instead of cutting of your air it cleans it so that the air around you is again safe to breath . I truly look forward to the day that we can achieve this without wearing masks but for now this is as close as we're going to get ! I've already made the switch for myself and all the people that I care about , Which explains Why I made this post so it could reach you! Yes I would repurchase and yes I would recommend to my friends and family ! My name's Myshell and Thanks so much for reading my Review . xoxoxo 💋

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