Glowing with Soo'AE Cactus Soothing Gel Mask

Hi everyone Alison here with my first video to my PrismPop account where I show you the Catcus Soothing Gel Mask by Soo’AE New York that I am using for the first time! 
❄️It feels nice and cold on my skin as soon as I put it on
⏳I wore this mask for 15 minutes 
⛸️ the smoothness of the mask makes me feel like I am ice-skating because my fingers were just gliding with how smooth it made my skin
✨Smell great and the design is so cute I enjoyed wearing this mask because for the most part masks are boring and a little scary
💦If you want to try this mask and let your skin be at its best with the amount of glow this gives you then hop on this mask now!
💭Overall: I love this mask!! The package was very colorful, pretty and intriguing. Like who makes a sticky cactus look so pretty and tempting? The name alone was cute like it sounds French ( Soooooo AAAEEEE) lol. The mask was so pretty and colorful with cute designs just like the package. I loved the smell, like if this is what cactus smells like then I need one in my house as my personal air freshener lol. 
This mask really gave me a soothing relief.  My face felt clean, moisturized and rejuvenated. It was very easy to use and wasn't messy. This mask left my face GLOWING!! So if you want to GLOW your day away then you better get this Soo'AE okkuuurt!!!!  So, if you wanna GLOW then you need to try this product out and let me know what you think! Welcome to the GLOW team, thank me later XOXOXOXO!!!!
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