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Touch In Sol dry mask check it out

                     🌴Touch in SOL’s🌴

              🚀New Mission Complete 🚀

🖤First things the packaging is so cute and Nothing leaks out with a flip cap. The texture is fine not rough an there is no odor to this mask.

🖤What is compelling , after using it one time I could feel a difference in my skin.  I have sensitive skin also and their was no redness nor irritation.

🖤This gel mask actually cleaned all my pores. Im so happy and satisfied with this product. I've already used it couple times in 2 weeks and I'm in love with this thank you Touch In Sol Mission Complete 
actually my husband use it because, when he seen how my pores looked plus my face was soft and silky One time using this and you can immediately see the results. 
🖤What is unique about this mask?  You apply this mask on dry cleansed face right 🤷🏻‍♀️ But it's amazing.

🖤Massage gently and watch the dead skin come off.  Then I gently washed  the remaining mask off my face.  My face feels so soft I’m amazed how easy and effortless this is.  Touch In Sol  recommends using this product 1-2 times a week.

What do you use to exfoliate your face? 



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  • Kelly K

    I love how it makes my face look and feel afterwards! It's so refreshing to! Thanks for sharing!