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Soft Glam or Full Glitter-mania…WHY NOT BOTH 😜DAILY GIVEAWAY

Comment Trish and Hieu’s videos for a chance to win 10,000 PrismPop coins! 

‼️‼️CLICK TO THE LINKS BELOW, commenting on this post does NOT qualify 😘
❕Comment with your general thoughts and the answer to the following question: 
Why kind of eyeshadow look or eyeshadow product are you interested in trying?
Trying Out the Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette By Anastasia Beverly Hills by Trish
Gettin' sparkly with Lemonhead LA SpacePaste in Jailbait by Hieu
(Only comments on the ☝️videos that answer the question qualify for giveaway) 

👑Winners will be announced Tuesday October 22th @ 6PM
Winner from the last giveaway is.....(drum roll) 🥁
Melissa Griffith
Congrats and check your coins for your 10,000 💰

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