Soapbox Avocado Oil Review! Smells so good!

Super potent!! I sprayed a little too much on my fine hair and it did turn out a little greasy looking, however - it feels soft and silky and smells amazing and overall I enjoy and would recommend this product!
Have you tried avocado oil for the hair?
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  • Hannah Scott

    This looks amazing! Not only do I love avocado hair products, but this would be great for my frizzy curly hair!

  • Rachel Lokos

    It sounds so luxuriously hydrating

  • Emily

    Omg !! I absolutely adore hair oils and essential oils for my very long hair! This looks absolutely amazing and I bet it smells divine. I would love to try this on my dry ends and see how beautiful the results would be!!

  • Tonya Smith

    I love your product review. Thanks

  • Dena Dyce

    Hmmm I wonder how this would work on already oily hair

  • Stephanie

    I've always wanted to try!😮

  • Susan

    I really want to try this. I've great smelling products. Thanks for the review.

  • Nirva

    Definitely want to try

  • MICHELLE weaver

    Nice! I'm intrigued. It is very easy to use too much oil in your hair I have found. I like to spray a little in my brush then brush it through my hair. That way I can totally see how much I am using and it just seems like it works better for me that way. I am the only person using the brush too so I don't have to worry about my daughter putting oil in her hair unknowingly. I would love to try this because it seems oil is the best thing at putting that much needed hydration in your hair! Honestly a little coconut oil is great too! It makes my hair bouncier, healthier and feel like it should feel. I think oils for skin and hair are just the best thing you can do for yourself.

  • brenda dobson

    I would love to try this product!

  • Sidney Dale

    I definitely want to try this! I love avocado and avocado products. My hair is super thin and always has some sort of damage from bleaching and dyeing, so I'm always on the hunt for a lightweight conditioning helper. Thanks for the great review and video!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I have fine hair and if it makes it look greasy that's not a good thing but I would still like to try it. If it sprays a mist and you hold it up several inches from your hair and use less than maybe it would be fine.

  • Kelsey Kabonick

    I have never used avocado oil for my hair but it is definitely something I would love to try! It sounds very nourishing and that is something my hair needs! Right now I have been using argon oil on my skin and hair and I think it works pretty good and a little goes a long way! It leaves your skin and hair glowing and doesnt look greasy!

  • Marie Griffin

    I would like this product

  • Kristi Bowen

    Would love to try it!

  • Stephanie Esparza

    I have oily scalp so I use Frederix sunflower for my dry ends. It smells great and my hair's not greasy looking.

  • Amanda Weinberg

    Seems like a awesome product. I actually like strong products, and hopefully I win this daily giveaway! Thanks for the awesome review!

  • Kim Pettyjohn

    I have tried, I believe it was herbal essence, before & another kind that was really expensive from the salon. I put way too much in my hair from the one from the salon. And I had to rewash my hair because it made it look so greasy. The herbal essence one I didn't put much in & it smelled good.

  • yona garlit

    I have mid shoulder length hair and it is straight as a board. I am wondering if this product would make my hair look greasy. I would love to try it thought. Good review!

  • Carrie Burrus

    I have fine hair as well. I have never tried any oils in it. It sounds great. Also, if I don't wash my hair everyday it gets ugly and oily. I don't think this would be good for my hair. But, great review.

  • Diane Valle

    I can't use anything but oil in my hair. I haven't tried Soapbox Avocado oil yet. I am currently using Paul Mitchell it smells and works great leaves my hair sift n shiney.

  • Micheala

    Would like to try

  • Patricia

    Yes! Avocado Oil is really potent, I use it on my hair strands, and Castor Oil for hair growth on my scalp, leave it half an hour, or over night for a super hair treatment, and shampoo as usual. Great review! I use a whole bunch of different oils, I like Coconut Oil for hair, scalp, skin, teeth pulling, it's a great germicidal, and antifungal, Castor Oil for hair growth eyelashes, and eyebrows, Morrocan Oil, great for hair, and skin, Almond Oil is also amazing for skin, I like to pour a few drops into my body lotion since it's very moisturizing, and smells sooo good, tried Avocado oil recently, and it's also very good for everything, tried a couple of skincare oils, and my favorite so far is Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil I think it's their best product, so amazing!

  • Monique Roybal

    I’ve never used a leave In oil, just a leave in conditioner after shampooing and conditioning my hair. The only other oil I have used is coconut oil once a month to really moisturize my hair when it starts to dry out before the next hair cut. My hair is normal so most oils would make it oily. Looks like you figured out how to use less in your hair so it’s not oily next time but I love that u say it smells good. Good smelling hair is always a plus! ❤️

  • Gilda Gonzalez

    Thanks pretty cool review

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