So excited 😍

Super excited to have joined and can't wait to start testing & reviewing products 😍 It's my all time favorite thing to do. I look forward to getting my first bag 💞

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    I got these cards toooo

  • Kate D.

    Welcome to PrismPop! I just joined a couple of months ago myself, and it's such an awesome site. Everyone's reviews are so thorough and genuinely helpful. The PrismPop posts are also incredibly helpful. Check them out! Some of the good posts that have great guides are about three proper way that they want you to make your comments, help with writing a helpful long post, the difference between a look post and a long post, tips on shooting videos, and so many more! I know they've helped me a TON, especially the posts about writing helpful comments, reviews, and posts. They really give you a hood understanding of what PrismPop expects in a post and gives you tips to make yours really helpful, which will gain you loads of coins! And the people on here are sooo nice. It's tacky like a big community of friends. I hope you love it here as much as I do! <3

  • Kelly K

    Welcome!!! I'm new here too but so far it's been great!!! Great community of awesome people!

  • sally peabody

    Welcome and you will love it here at PrismPop I do !!