Skincare V. Makeup: Video Time!

This is my very first video doing both skincare and makeup! I’ll let you in on a little secret--while my favorite “on camera” is to do a makeup tutorial, I’d much rather take time for skincare “off-camera.” And, now that so many of us are spending extra time on our beauty routines, I thought it’d be nice for you guys to see skincare products from my routine right next to makeup products from my routine. Let’s COMPARE! 
Hydration Essence Serum OR Vitamin E BB Cream?
EOS Lip Balm OR YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick?
Lancome Energie De Vie Eye Gel OR ELF 16 Hr Concealer?
Sorme Brow Brush or Brow Powder?
In full disclosure, I did finish off the full makeup look and show a bit of it at the end of the video so you could see.
Comment below what you think looks better! Refreshed skin, or a fun, semi-made up look?

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  • Robin

    You look beautiful with makeup and with out it.. Great video, thank for taking time to do this!!😘😘😍😍

  • Myshell

    Wowww I love how bright your skin got , Really good post !! Thanks for sharing

  • Jennifer Henning

    Really awesome products, I really like the brow style compact would love to try something like this for my eyebrows. Mine is so thin, I've been trying to get them to grow back more but it doesn't seem to be working out. Yours look amazing. I love the color of the lipstick also. Very beautiful look. Nice review.

  • Stephanie Esparza

    The fun semi-made up look!

  • Susan

    Cool video!

  • Christine Crain Dehoyos

    Good video I like the refreshed for daily use. Less is more and the refreshed kook suits me fine. Semi-made up is more for work or going out somewhere special or a night on the town.

  • Amanda

    I thought both you did great on both sides ,but i really liked just the refreshed side the best very prettt natural

  • Crissy Anderson

    My preference would be the natural side. I don't really wear much makeup anymore besides brows, mascara and a little bit of lip color but I definitely do a full routine of skincare in the AM and PM. I'm a mature women (over 45 lol..) so I'm all about the ABC's of skincare, which are: antioxidants, vitamin b5 (niacinamide), vitamin c and then retinol, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and of course SPF. At my age these products are a must! You have to have a solid skincare routine in order for your skin to be healthy and look good, and then your makeup will even look better!

  • Kimberly Cain

    I loved the Refreshed Skin the best.The Hydration Essence Serum, EOS Lipbalm, Lancome EnergieDe Vie Eye Gel & Sorme Brow Brush.Looks so much more natural for Refreshing looking Skin.

  • Nirva

    Its hard to pick from. I like both refreshed skin and fun semi made up looks. Enjoyed your video.

  • Kelly K

    I personally spend more time on skincare than make up. So I prefer the refreshed less make up look. As for masks and what ingredients I look for? I have very dry skin so I look for hydrating ingredients. I also like to have fresh, glowing skin with smaller pores. So I look for stuff that minimizes my pores.

  • Naf

    Great comparison video and short description thank you! I like the follow products more: Vitamin E BB Cream, because it seems to have more coverage, YSL Rouge Lisptick because it's bold Lancome Eye Gel because it looks natural and Brow Powder, it seems more cleaner.

  • Jennifer Henning

    Really love both looks if I'm choosing I'd go with the finished look because it's more natural-looking and I love trying to go with natural looks.

  • Crystal

    I love both looks you are beautiful so either way you can rock it. Love the review

  • Christina Knittel

    Love the finished look! Very natural but still looks like you took some time to make yourself feel a bit more done up. Very pretty!

  • Pauline

    Great skincare and make up pics in the video post and review. Want to try the lip and eye concealer make up that I can afford.

  • Bre Walker

    Nice video! I love the lipstick and the concealer! The whole look looks great on you!

  • Erica1987

    Skin care videos are great! I never know what to use on my skin because it is so sensitive so watching others people use different things is helping me to figure out what I should use. Your end result was beautiful and you look great!!

  • Valeria

    Woww loved the way it looks at the end, even with the red lipstick she managed to keyed up natural and fresh look, I definitely love using serum and moisturizer under my make up, this is something I could not do without, it’s very interesting always see new ways to mix and match the tones of make up. Absolutely loved it. ❤️

  • Ashlee Knepp

    Hi! I love skincare videos! It let's me see new and different products other people are using and how they are applying! I can then compare and contrast with other videos to see which seems to be the most effective way to do something! Your skin looks amazing btw! I love Hydration Essence! I I have such dry skin also am always a sucker for a lip balm coupled with a lip plumper over lip stick, also the Lancome eye get concealer! Now the brow powder seemed to be the best from what i watched on your video! Your gorgeous! Thank you so much!!

  • Kelley Harner

    Wow! Great video!

  • Jamie

    Love your look! These are just some tips and tricks that help me. Instead of using your middle finger to apply concealer, try using your ring finger instead. It can really help to not pull on your skin, helping prevent wrinkles. The color lipstick looks SO good on you, too! I'm all about bold lip choices, especially when I'm not wearing much other makeup. Also, how much do you love that essence? I never knew how great they were until I tried K beauty brand AHC's essence. It has totally improved the look of my skin, faded acne marks, and just really has given me a radiant from within look. Hope you're doing well and staying safe!! Have a great weekend, beauty!! xoxoJJ

  • Rukhsana

    concealing is the routine that i prefare the most because it instantly adds life into my face. the most effective mask for my skin is the loreal red alage mask, it removies impurities, smells nice, and softens my skin alot.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great duo video. I think the refreshed skin looks amazing. I prefer skin care any day over doing make up for my self.

  • Margaret manning

    Wow this is so incredible.