4 Steps for Better Skincare Results: the Recovery Sheet Mask System

- 4Recover Sheet Mask -
What it's supposed to do? It claims to be a Recovery facial that instantly transforms even the most dull, tired complexion.
- I would say this would be Ideally a great 'at night' mask.
- It applies pretty well it does take a minute to be drank up by the skin.
- You leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes
- To follow the instructions and where an spa if being used during the day.
I think this a great affordable sheet mask that I recommend for an overnight trip so you don’t have to pack your full skincare routine!

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  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great review on Recovery 4 system. This looks amazing and very easy to use and Christian is right convenient to take on trips.

  • Diana Hammonds

    How long before you actually saw results?

  • Linda Goodall

    Christian, you did a very good video on this. I am looking forward to watching more of yours. As for the product, definitely something worth using. Thank you.

  • Britteny Ligon

    Great video

  • Mandie

    That sounds like a fabulous multi-step face mask I love how it has multiple products for different areas of your face and I love how it absorbs the moisturizer sounds pretty good but I tend to like a heavier moisturizer especially around my eyes I love your reviews

  • Tina rose

    Awsome i love sheet masks

  • nicole bowers

    Thanks for a great video, it was very detailed and informative!

  • Maddison


  • Nicole Christine

    Thanks for the review!! I need to try this. Seriously looks amazing. Everything in one place..how convenient is that?!?

  • Stephanie Grant

    Great job, I really have to try this out!!!!

  • Lori Odaniel

    This looks pretty awesome im so glad to see how a sheet mask work on both male and females i absolutely appreciated this video you rock.

  • Lisa Martin

    I really love face masks they make your face feel so good I would buy them all if I could

  • Ja-Nee

    Great video. Sheet mask are the best. I tend to get the best out of my skincare and makeup by priority. I use more on areas that need and less on areas that do not. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes you have to let your face breath. So only certain areas may get more attention.

  • Missy Oakley

    What a great idea to use this for an overnight trip so you don't have to pack all your skincare. Defiantly going to pick some of these up to have for just such an occasion. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anna hudson

    I love face masks,you take them off and your face feels so nice and cool ,like the 4 step more for your money,I love peeling off the masks it reminds me of when we were kids and put gluue on our hands let it dry and peel it off lol! If I'm almost done with my makeup I put it in the fridge it last longer.

  • Crystal Jones

    I lobe that its 4 steps to me that simple for great results.I also love that you can replace you skincare routine for times your away or just short on time.

  • Patricia

    That is a lot of steps and different products, looks interesting, nice review! To get the most out of my skincare and makeup, I exfoliate and mask, also derma plan to eliminate the fuzzy hair and facilitate skincare penetration, and absorption, I don't do it that often because my facial fuzz doesn't really grow that fast, and I favor more traditional exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells,, also use my Clarisonic to deep cleanse 3x a week, plus moisturize and primer to get the best of my makeup, the barrier it creates extends the life of my makeup by an extra 6 hrs at least.

  • Tina Geane

    I've been getting the most out of my skincare products AND make up lately since I started "Derma Planing". I was scared at first but it gets easier the more you do it. There are alot of videos you can watch. It takes off the dead skin cells & your pores are then clear and your skin care products then soak into your skin so much better. You have to be sure to use a SPF after Derma Planing, we should be any ways. That's why it's good to watch a good video before you do this procedure. Also your skin is so smooth because the dead skin cells are gone, and peach fuzz hair on your face, so you get the best out of your make up , Because now that your face is such a smooth canvas to begin with Your make up is going to go on so much easier & look much better. You'll actually use less that's what I have found because I'm not layering to smooth out areas that I normally would. I just recently got a Ceramic Blade Razor & Eyebrow Trimmer from a company for free to Try out and give a review. This product is pretty highend but worth it because ceramic blades do not have to be sharpened or replaced, the Trimmer is incredible and perfect for Derma Planing I'm so Pleased with this item!! Thanks, if any of you try Derma Planing go slow you'll get use to it, and love the results just like I do!

  • Merry Nursalim

    For my skincare never forgot use moisturizer every day🥰

  • Elizabeth ML

    I get the most out of my skincare by making sure to always apply it in the correct order and not using too much or too little of the products.

  • Ashley Hunt

    Sometimes if I layer my skincare it can cause my face to break out, so I only layer about once a week, and use only a serum and my water based Moisturizer all other days! As for makeup I always use Moisturizer and primer under. It always helps to put a barrier between my skin and makeup!

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