Step A in Skin&Lab by Alex Diehl

Today I am using A Plus Lifting by Skin & Lab!
Cruelty-Free, Ethanol-Free, Paraben-Free, Steroid-Free, Free from Artificial Colorings & Fragrances
Ingredients: Vitamin A (antioxidant effects), copper (recent beauty trend is called 'the fountain of youth'), adenosine, rose oil
The goal of this product: anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, adds moisture back into your skin
Thoughts: It smooths in really easily, buoyancy and elasticity of skin have gone through the roof. Feels lifted, taught (but not tight), and moisturized.
If you are looking for something for that will lift your skin I would recommend this product because it is nice and subtle.
Stay tuned for the next parts being that this has more products to follow: B plus calming & C plus brightening.


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