Skin feeling dry?

This is a great cream. I also tried the dewy skin cream and will review that soon. It makes your skin feel so hydrated, it’s crazy! It is a high price, but I got the small version. I really think you should get it, the price is expensive but it’s highly worth it! 

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  • Nicole Hoffman

    Sorry it took so long to get over to ur page and show some ❤, thank you for all your support! Great posts! Keep up the good work

  • sally peabody

    I keep hearing reviews of this line and have never tried anything by them. I want to it reminds me of Shiseido another Japanese line. Every review has been wonderful ! Thank you and yes my skin is feeling a bit dry.

  • Erika Cisneros

    I have a sample of this and the purple one, I cant wait to try them

  • Dena Liveoak

    My all time favorite!!

  • Tracey Madden

    Would love to try because my skin is extremely dry but there's no way I could afford this one nor the lesser one :( Thanks for the review :)

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