Skin clarifying sheet mask

How cute is this package! Definitely eye appealing, most certainly something I would go straight for in the store. 

#1 I washed my face with my handy dandy Neutrogena oil balancing daily wash. 

#2 I applied my super cute leopard 🐆 sheet mask.

This look one doesn't look so bad lol. 

My thoughts on the mask

I wasnt 100% in love with this mask, it came in a ton of moisturiser that really caked on my face almost too much if thats even possible. The mask smelt like a makeup bag which is different.

Also after taking off the mask I felt like my face was left very sticky and smelling like the makeup bag I mentioned above lol. 

My face did have moisturiser on it but overloaded. 

All in all I would definitely use this mask but it wouldnt be my first choice knowibg what I know after using it.

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