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Have you seen my previous post on my SK-II journey? I am going to give you a full insight of my journey with this miracle water.
So I have been using this since the 1st of January, as part of my resolution to keep my skin better. Since this is a Holy Grail product to most women out there, I am going to give this miracle water a shot. So I changed my skincare routine for the purpose of this product.
✅I cleanse my face using a facial cleanser, just switching from one to another (from a mild scrubbing one and a foaming one) and then I pat dry my face. This is where my SK-II routine starts. I start with the toner (the one in the small bottle), wiping my face using cotton pads and then use the essence just like a toner since the texture of this miracle water is watery.

/Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/K - Content curation + upload/0606/sk-ii-facial-treatment-essence-review-how-to-use-1.jpg
⭐First impression. This essence Well, first thing I notice that 3–4 drops of this is fairly enough to cover the entire face, but I like to use 4–5 drops just to make my cotton pads more moist.

👃Second, yes I got to admit it since I am very picky with my skin care scent. This Miracle water does have a slightly sour scent to it. I am still new to this, we will see if I can get over the smell later. It is not too strong but you can smell it after wiping your face. It absorbs fast and your skin can feel a lil sticky for a few seconds and then your skin soon feels supple! I am going to use it after 1 month or so. Yep, there will be a final post on my whole verdict on this product. 14 days to me is too short to claim its "miracle" power so stay tuned for another post.

/Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/K - Content curation + upload/0606/sk-ii-facial-treatment-essence-review-how-to-use-2.jpg

⭐My thoughts after 14 days. WOAH to my bare skin. don't know if you can tell but there is a different skin tone to both pictures. I have tried to take so many pictures but all of them turn out the same.I am not sure if skincare can make your skin look better in camera? Probably, because I find after using this essence, every time I took a selfie, my skin is brighter.
 /Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/K - Content curation + upload/0606/SK-II essence.jpg

/Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/K - Content curation + upload/0606/SK-II Testimonial (1).jpg

🙌Also you guys know that having nice skin is not about being fairer. Clear pretty skin is about having that translucent clean skin which looks like you have this soft textured skin and visible fair skin. Too much glow and yellowish skin tone can make you look dull.
👍After 14 days of using it, I can't really show in the picture but I feel my skin is less oily, or maybe not oily anymore. When I woke up in the morning, my skin is not oily, not over hydrated (sticky face) and my face is brighter. Especially on my forehead, it looks so obvious because I have a big forehead and it really gives that nice glow on my skin.
👍What I cannot see is that my spots are pretty much the same but my redness has been totally reduced. Foundation and makeup application in the morning is easier. My skin is smoother; there are some pores but they’re not that obvious. My skin is a little firmer too. Overall, I think I have to give this more days of testing to see the final result.

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