Quick & Easy Soft Glam Eyeshadow look w/ natural lashes

This soft glam ✨ look takes 20 minutes TOPS! You can mark my words on THAT.
It's my favorite Go-to flirty πŸ’‹look when I want to look a little dolled up with half the effort!
The best part about this look, no fussy false lashes!
& - I always like to promote originality! What works for me might not work for you. So take what you need from me and add your own flair! 

-Ruby Kisses Go Brow Pencil
-Too Faced “sweet peach” Concealer (peanut butter)
-ColourPop cosmetic “No filter” foundation 
-Juvia’s Place concealer 
-P.Louise eyeshadow primer 
-Beauty Creations “Tease Me” (Shades: Blissfull, Orgasm, Peaches) eyeshadow palette
-Elf Gel Eyeliner 
-Wet n’ Wild Kohl eyeliner pencil (brown)
-Generic beauty supply brand mascara 
-MakeupRevolution “Chocolate Banana” setting powder 
-MakeupRevolution Sugar Blush palette 
-Item Beauty bronzer 
-Morphe setting spray

The Breakdown:
-Prep the skin using your fave moisturizer and primer. 
- BROWS to begin ~ For a soft glam look, be sure not to fill them in too dark or make them super boxy. We want to keep the soft-focus effect!
Clean them up with concealer. 
-PREP eyelids with eyeshadow primer. No primer? No problem! You can blend out some concealer on your lids and set with powder.
Time for the fun!
- For the transition shade, you want to use a soft brown and using a fluffy blending brush, blend out to towards the brow bone.
- Second shade will be a light sable brown with a hint of peachy tones to blend into your crease using a smaller tapered fluffy brush.
- Using the same brush and second shade blend the inner/outer corners.
- The last shade will be a purple mauve color. Place this color right in the center of your lid and continue to blend out any harsh lines! 

- Now apply a small winged liner. Don’t go too big on the wing because we just want to lightly define eyes and still leave room for your natural lashes to show. 
To achieve this, I found it easier to use a gel liner with an angled brow brush.

- Now apply your foundation & concealer, making sure to set with a nice loose powder. 
-Warm up the face using a matte bronzer. DO NOT contour! We don't want to take away from the soft effect by creating harsh angles.
Lightly sweep bronzing power over angles of your face and under cheekbones. 
-Now take a light rosy pink blush and apply using sweeping motions up towards your temples. Using this technique will give a more lifted appearance to the face. 
-Highlight the points of your face using a shimmery highlighter. I usually like to highlight right above my cheekbone, the bridge of my nose and inner eye corners. 
-Define eyes using a brown eyeliner in the waterline. Black will be too harsh for this look.
Careful not to smudge the liner too much!

SET YOUR MAKEUP! Use a nice setting spray.
I always apply my setting spray before I apply mascara, to decrease the possibility of it running or smudging. 
-Now apply 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara to your top and bottom lashes. 
-Finish this look off with a super juicy/shimmery lipgloss! 

And you’re all done, babe! You’re ready for a night out in the town. I garuntee you’ll turn heads with this soft & flirty look! 

I hope you like this look and will try it out sometime! its definitely definitely camera worthy!
if you want to watch the full video on YouTube, click HERE ➑️ https://youtu.be/mjNCk_r3HRk
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  • Jaxgma

    Beautiful soft look.

  • Rita Whirls

    These colors look great on you. I like all the tips and information. I want to try this product. and try your blending technique. Great review.

  • Samantha

    Your very beautiful and very nice colors on you! Thank you for showing us your blending Technics πŸ’•

  • Sylvia Foster

    Amazing job, nice blending technique and such a cute pallet thank you for showing off your skills, so pretty btw!

  • Diane lopez

    Beautyful look!

  • Paulette Ball

    WOW!! What a beautiful look!! Your eyes just pop, they are beautiful. It looks so natural would love to have that look!!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Like the review and love the shadows especially with the look you achieved. My beauty list justs keeps growing from all these product reviews I read.

  • amanda landess

    I love the look. Especially since there aren't falsies involved. As much i actually enjoy this look, its a little outside my personality. I typically use a lot of bright and pigmented shadows. I won't say it wouldn't look right without trying. So that will be on my to do list. Thank you for sharing

  • Tiffany Yuen

    This is such a pretty look! I love your take on Soft Glam; it's very muted and subtly rose gold! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• I've never done a soft glam look, but if I do one in the future, it'll probably be with a lot of muted purples on the eyes and cheeks with a pink lipstick. I've noticed that my Milk Makeup Holographic Highlighting Stick in Supernova really softens up any look, so I'd definitely incorporate that!

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great Look! I believe I would do some of your similar makeup ideas byt not all. My eyeshadow would be one full eye with a peachy colour. I use Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect Waterproof Black . It is the best mascara I have ever used. No eyeliner for this Look. Ad for the rest liquid makeup, concealer and Banana Setting Powder. Thanks for sharing 😊.

  • haku izunami

    Girl! You look absolutely amazing! Thats definitely a great look on you! Thank you so much for showing and telling us how you got that look! To me soft glam is where you look all dolled up but your look isnt over the top, and it has a neutral feel to it. Hmmmm Im not sure how I would do a soft glam look. I personally prefer super glitz and glam!

  • Deanna Straub

    So pretty! Not even a hint of any under eye bags. flawless! You have really displayed the products with top-notch quality technique and natural beauty. Great post!

  • Lilly

    I love this soft glam look! It's cute, and the colors are very nice an complementing. I think that natural colors and gold/pink are great for soft glam looks!

  • Rukhsana

    soft glam means to me, light coverage concealer blended all over the face with or without tinted moisturizer. liquid contour bronzor, iguid blush and liquid highlighter, heavy loaded mascara and nude lipstick. i would use the chantacalle mascara as its the best at lenghtening, darkening, curling and volumizing, it also has peptides for longer thicker lash growth.

  • Pauline

    Good and familiar makeup to use and great look on for this posted review. Great tips and suggestions on applying each step as you go.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    wow stunning look on you.


    the look is soft and cute but still sexy its very natural

  • Veronica Cherrez

    Attiyah is very easy and nice look... I really like the color you used it... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Rachael

    I love the beautiful natural look.

  • Chas

    Beautiful😊😍😊 great tips!

  • Michelle

    I love this look you are beautiful I love the natural look sometimes beautiful women wear too much

  • Shemeka

    I am in love and have added all of the products you used to my Christmas list. You have made a believer in me....I know I can beat my face like you did!!

  • Criseyda gomez

    I love this look! Usually I go for soft glam, very natural look, quick and easy. Being a mom doesn't really leave me time to actually do something big and fancy plus I've never really liked over the top. I love this look.

  • kathryn smith

    Amazing love the colors

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