Silk'n Titan Anti Aging Unboxing

I was selected to host a Silk'n Titan Anti Aging device party by Tryazon!!! This is my in boxing video (sorry it's a little shaky it's my first time doing this.) This box comes with the Titan Anti Aging device, slider histrionic gel, battery power face brush, special cleanser, and headband!


Some benefits of the Silk'n Titan Anti Aging device are:

*Smoother more youthful looking skin

*Skin tightening and lifting

*Wrinkle reduction


How to use Silk'n Titan:

*Add a small amount of get to the treatment area

*Start at energy level 1 for a few minutes (see treatment instructions included)

*Raise the energy level gradually for a few minutes at each level.

*Stop at the highest energy level that you are still comfortable with

*It is advisable to reach the highest energy level for optimum clinical effect

*Treat each area for 10-15 minutes

This product is pretty awesome!! I've just started using it and have already noticed a difference!! I honestly didn't think it would do much since I'm only 34 but I'm very impressed! My face looks amazing! I'll post a full review on about 2 weeks after I have used it more including before and after pictures. 

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  • Sarah

    Looks great I have signed up on tryazon and am glad to see someone get chosen to try something let me know how this works thanks for posting