Silk’n Titan

Before I begin the introduction to this wonderfully amazing Silk’n Titan skin tightening and lifting device, I would like to thank @tryazon and @silknsolution for giving me opportunity to try and review it. This device came in a wonderful packaging along with a travel friendly case and needed accessories and products. This Silk’n device is valued at $269 which also includes, Silk’n gel, Silk’n branded spa headband, Silk’n swirl face cleansing brush (requires AA batteries not included) and cleanser. 
This is an anti-aging device that works with harmonized energy technology to reduce wrinkles and lift facial contours. 
It is a beautiful looking portable device that uses professional technology designed to be used at comforts of our own home. It gives us next level results on our own. The Titan can be used all over our face and neck to treat a multitude of concerns detailed further.
In short Silk’n Titan is a professionally designed technology which is ACES:
A-accessible, affordable
S-safe (FDA cleared)

Silk’n Titan combines 3 sources of energy, (Bi-polar RF + Red LED light + IR heat) to activate the body’s natural restoration process.

How to use Silk’n Titan:
First treatment- find the right energy level for each facial area

Add a small amount of gel to the treatment area or best way is to put gel directly on the device and work on targeted area

Raise the energy level gradually for a few minutes at each level

Stop at the highest energy level that you are comfortable with

It is advisable to reach the highest energy for optimum clinical effect.


Choose the last comfortable energy level setting

Apply gel to the device

Repeat twice a week for 10 weeks; after that every 2 weeks.

Titan anti-aging device features & benefits:
Safe for all areas of the face & neck
Lifts facial contours
Strengthens the deep layers of the skin
Skin feels tighter after just one use*
Revolutionary CER Technology is safe and effective 

This device is safe to use near eye. Work 20 mins on each targeted area sliding gently going downwards and putting little pressure going upwards.

*Results may vary based on skin type!

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