Side By Side Of Better Than Sex Mascara And Waterproof Version!

Too Faced launched the waterproof version of their famous Better Than Sex Mascara, with updated packaging and updated benefits. As a big fan of the original Better Than Sex Mascara, of course I had to find out if the waterproof version lives up to the reputation.
Packaging: The waterproof version tube is a minty blue with tiny water droplet effects all over, I don’t know how they achieved this effect but it is so clever. It feels just as heavy and luxurious as the original one, which I love.
Performance: With the same applicator and same texture, the two mascaras applied basically identical on my eyes. The liquid-y formula gave me great length and volume, and the second coat made them even more dramatic and fluttery.
Things to note: Since it is a wetter formula, be careful of transfer on the eyelid. Just be patient and let the little mascara dots dry and they’ll come right off which the help of a Q-tip.
If you’re worried about the waterproof version being to hard to remove, an oil-based makeup remover will help a lot.
Verdict – They’re both great mascaras, and waterproof benefit is especially useful in more humid climates, sweaty situations, or around water.
Too faced successfully added to its mascara line with this one, and I’ll keep these two in my rotation for sure!
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  • Pauline

    Good review and video was the best. Definitely want the Two Faced BTS Mascara working for me. Seems less of a hassle and go's on better and in less time to be spent. Thanks for sharing and good comparison. Want to try for sure.

  • Stefany Scaggs

    Has anyone elses reviews took 6 months or longer to get approved?

  • Stefany Scaggs

    Thanks for great review. You are very beautiful and talented. Does anyone know why it takes so long for Prismpop to approve reviews? I wrote give reviews already since January and the first one I wrote was in January and it is the only one that has been approved and I got 300 coins for just got them few hours ago and the others haven't been approved yet I can't believe one I wrote in January is just now approved I thought I had did something wrong and my reviews just wasn't getting approved.

  • Joylynn Grindle

    Thanks for the great video review

  • theresa

    excellent video showing both versions of the too faced mascara im still on the fence as to which one will suit me better but i think im leaning more towards the pink version of this mascara as you said the blue waterproof one does look wet and smears unless there is a way to prevent that or remove it with out messing your make up im in .

  • Jennifer Henning

    Awesome!!! I've been wanting to find a new mascara so bad. I did just order a 4d mascara i believe its called it was about $10.

  • Kelly Poll

    Thanks for sharing! I have tried both versions of the Better Then Sex Mascara. I didnt notice the difference in formula until i applied them to my lashes. The original felt smoother then the Waterproof. The original was easier to apply as well. By the end of the day, i struggled to remove the Waterproof. If you have delicate eyelashes like me, the original formula may be a better choice.

  • Bonita kasee

    Yeah I could tell the waterproof side, was definitely wetter, my only worry on that is, like u said, dotting, plus my lashes are really thin, and tiny, looks like this would benefit my lashes, if it's not to much lol. Thanks for sharing , this helped alot, definitely wanna try this

  • nicole bowers

    WOOHOO! I love your great video! Thanks for sharing all the helpful product details that will allow me to make an informed purchase decision!

  • Tori Renee


  • Stefany Scaggs

    They are both great formulas both sides are full and fluttery like you said. I think I would personally go with the original so it don't get all over my eye lids and messy because I have that problem with just about any mascara I have tried. I love lashes next door mascara. Thanks for great review.

  • Breesha Taylor

    Both versions looked great. Love that it makes lashes look fuller. You said something about wetter & curious, does it dry fast? Thanks for sharing!

  • Jen

    I would love to try this mascara... It's probably my favorite makeup product

  • Lindley

    I love mascara!

  • Sarah

    Has anyone else noticed a change in the formula? Or is it just me? Would love to know! Thanks

  • Amanda Lingle

    Hands down the BEST mascara there is out there. My daughter who is 15 is always taking mine. Makes our lashes look so full and long. Last all day long. Great product for the price point...