Showing that *Pixi love

Hey everyone! Nicole back yet again! Today I am giving a Demo of the *Pixi skintreats T-Zone peel-off mask! Enjoy!

*Pixi T-zone Peel-off mask

🌐About the product: This detoxifying mask draws out impurities and peels off to reveal immediate results .unique green superfood Blends helps refresh and refine. Great for congested skin

🎁About the package: I got my 0.5 oz sample of this mask from prismpop and I have gotten 3 uses out of this sweet lil green tube so far.

📝Application: Use 1-2 times per week or as needed. Apply a thick even layer to ONLY the T-Zone, leave on until completly dry and then simply peel off...

🤓💭My final thought: I truly think this mask is beautiful! I like how majestic i looked to be honest. I think you can get away with a thin layer and get the same results but I am cheap like that lol No direct smell which is ok, easy application, no mess. God bless

Thank you for viewing! I hope you liked my demo, don't forget to show the love and come follow your girl if you havnt already! Thank you!!!


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  • Carrie Burrus

    I didnt know Pixi had masks. I have the Pixi glow tonic and the peel pads. And their makeup three piece eye brushes. I love Pixi. Going to have to find this mask.

  • Amanda Lingle

    My t-zone gets super super oily. I love a peel off mask. I havent tried this yet. Girl your not the only cheap person I would do the same thing. This is on my to try list <3

  • Wade

    This looks really cool. Thanks for the review

  • Samantha

    Very nice! you are so awesome for doing mask videos lol Thank you for reviewing

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