Show Off Your Nails This Summer With Zoya Barefoot Collection!

Today I have swatches of the new summer 2019 Zoya Barefoot Collection polishes. This is a colorful collection with a few different finishes. The formula is smooth and opaque, even the super light pastel shades were not too thin and easy to build. 👍🏻
Joey – light peachy pink (3 coats)
Bee – light pastel yellow (3 coats)
Tessa – neutral peachy with copper shimmer (3 coats)
Eleni – minty blue color (3 coats)
Keira – Taupe with copper shimmer (2 coats)
Dacey – Bright pink (3 coats)
Rie – warm red-purple (2 coats)
Walker – colbalt blue (2 coats)
Dallas – polish topper with white hexagon and silver metallic glitter (1 coat)
Marcy – bright red with shimmer (3 coats)
Liza – pink-ish brick red (2 coats)
Robbie – raspberry with gold shimmer and flakes (3 coats)
These polishes are available not on Zoya’s website and they come in singles, sampler boxes and the full collection. Go find your perfect summer color! ✨
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