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Show Off Your Bare Feet with Zoya’s Barefoot Collection!

Welcome to the new Zoya Barefoot Summer 2019 Collection!
The Zoya Barefoot Summer 2019 Collection features twelve new shades, all inspired by casual, laid-back summer days. There are a variety of finishes and a good range of colors included. I did not have any issues with the formula with any of these and they swatched in two to three coats.
Let’s dig in!

Joey is a pale warm-toned light pink creme. This is two coats.

Bee is a warm-toned sunny yellow creme. This is two coats.
Eleni is a light seafoam blue cream. This is three coats.
Dallas (over Eleni) is a clear glitter with various sizes of large and small white octagonal glitter and silver glitter. This is two coats.
Pretty nice collection, I think! It’s kind of a different looking collection for summer, and I like that. I think there are a few really unique colors here which are Dallas, Tessa and Keira. There are also others here that I really love, even though they aren’t *as* unique and they are Bee, Eleni, Dacey and Walker.
You can find the Zoya Barefoot Summer 2019 Collection on their site now and shipping starts May 6th.
Which of these shades will you be picking up, if any?


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