🍭Should you order off Amazon? Beauty Glaze Perfect Fit Pallet 🍭


💥So we are all stuck in quarantine at home right now! And we are left to buy all of our beauty products online. This is my experience purchasing a Eyeshadow palette on Amazon, just to see what I get!💥

            🧚‍♀️ABOUT THE PRODUCT🧚‍♀️

I noticed when I typed in "Eyeshadow palettes" on Amazon, the product Beauty Glaze came up alot! So I decided to buy the Perfect Fit pallet. The pallet is a mix of colors more on the rusty side. It comes in two forms Matte and Shimmer.

                       💅PACKAGING 💅

The pallet came in a simple cardboard box with a mettalic finish. It did come with one swatch of concealer, which I thought was weird.


As you can see in the video, I can go either way with this pallet. The matte shadows had a pretty good pigment to them. The shimmer shadows only worked when applied with a finger. For me, I like to use a brush to apply shadow,so that I did not like. For $8.99 I feel you get what you pay for. I definitely will use this pallet, but it's not my go-to! So I just wanted to give my 2 cents on buying a surprise eyeshadow pallet on Amazon!

❤ So let me know what you think! Have you had any surprise packages of makeup from Amazon?❤


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  • sally peabody

    That was a wonderful Demo ! I have yet to do one with my face and application I have no idea how to do it with a phone and you did very well. I like that palette for basic looks. Maybe if you used a wet brush...slightly wet the colors will give more pop. I have to use a brush with a powder also. I can not blend properly with just my finger but maybe it is a selling point for them. They are powder eye shadows you can use a brush...I mean ??? Just a new concept for sales I think. Thank you I enjoyed this !

  • Jennie

    Thanks for the review. You saved me some 💰 in my decision. So thanks👍

  • Hibah

    Good review!

  • Sabrina

    I got a palette by the same brand too. I liked the sparkle in Mysterious, but I haven't used it yet. Thanks for the honest rev. 💜