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Should everyone join the club??COLOR CLUB tell all! 💅

Hey everyone!! It's your girl, Nicole! So I got the bag of COLOR CLUB nail lacquers, from the Prismpop Queens 👑 and I wanted to tell y'all all about them!! Here we go!!

1) COBBLER GOBBLER: I honestly thought this was going to be my favorite of all of the colors, but instead I was kinda bummed.😥 I had to use 3 coats to get a nice full coverage and the laquer itself is super runny. I loved the color though, a very subtle light coral

2) MATTE-ERIAL GIRL: This color really surprised me! At first glance, I was like ewww brown. BUT this only took 2 coats to reveal a really pretty copper/purple glint matte color that I just can't get over. So pretty but sadly this is also very runny/watery like, so be careful when applying🤓

3) MARTIAN,MARTIAN,MARTIAN: This was my favorite out of the 5 COLOR CLUB nail laquers that I recieved. Very Martian like, and only took 2 coats to get the full coverage that I need. It's a dark forest green color and dries shiny. Applying a base coat and top coat seales the deal with these laquers.

4) FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER: This is a perfect color for Easter! A light blue/purple with high shine effect. Again its pretty fluid so be careful! Only took 2 coats to achieve maximum coverage

5) YES, OF QUARTZ: This one is just mesmerizing to me. After 2 coats my nails looked like quartz unicorn horn. So pretty with the purple and pearl iredecant powder. The shine is out of control and I love it so much.

🌈 COLOR CLUB offers over 250 shades ranging from MATTE to the most crazy color you can think of in the highest shine imaginable! I went on the website to check them out, and I was amazed! They have it all! Something for everyone! Wal-Mart carries the COLOR CLUB nail laquer and I am going to keep trying them out! For $5-$8 Ill keep on keeping on, because as long as you apply the proper steps before and after applying this nail laquer, you should be solid. (Base&top coat)

🤓🗯 I really wanted that COBBLER GOBBLER to win my heart over, but it just didn't make the cut for me. All the other colors were really cool and took me by surprise. I just wish the laquer was a little thicker, but that's all I really have to say. Thank you Prismpop for another sweet opportunity! You are awesome!

Thank you for viewing! Have you tried COLOR CLUB nail laquers? What do you think? Wanna try? Hit the 😍♥ and comment below for some COIN. Follow for a follow ALWAYS(if I missed ya, comment below and I'll follow back a.s.a.p) I'll see ya next time! ✌

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