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Sexy and cute

Recently, I was selected to try these Gleaming Body Radiance's there are a wide range of colors and under tones that can be used anywhere on your BODY. That the amazing part..right? 

for a night on the town or date night using the Bronze Gold on the collarbone or cleavage!!! ( well soon enough you will be able to with the COVID).

There is no scent to these at all and I used them on my arm at 8:00 am and just left them there and went about my day and dress normal too.  As you can can see some of these colors have rich pigmentations and very little transfer to my clothes or skin.  Mind you this is now 5:00 pm and all I had was the size of a piece of rice smudge and I didn't use a setting spray either and the day I used these it was 90 degrees outside ( amazed on how these held to my skin like silk)

They were super easy to remove to with some simple makeup wipe or some cleansing water. 

@gleam_melaniemillshollywood Body Gleam.

These are Gleaming Body Radiance’s can used as a wonderful eye shadow, brow highlighter, moisturizer, highlighter & primer. .
💎Best Body Makeup.
💎Universal Purposes.
💎Face & Body.
💎Transfer Resistant.

On my arm you will see the following colors in order. 
1.Deep Gold
3.Bronze Gold
4.Rose Gold
5.Peach Deluxe 
6.Disco Gold 
Which shade is your favorite?

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