SecretKey and esfolio product made from Korea

These two products are my favorites. The Secretkey first treatment essence and the esfolio honey ampoule. I bought this secretkey essence in ebay for $22 while the esfolio honey ampoule is in TJMax for $6. I didn't know i can buy korean product from there and its affordable. 

These two duo are done great and amazing to my skin. I have a very dry and dull skin when i came and move to us. I found this prduct 2017-2018 cause i am looking for a nice product that address my problem. I do research and all and kinda curious of the ingredients that in there. SO i bought and tried them. The essence is very lightweight and unscented. It like putting water inyo your face. It easilly absorbed into your skin but living your skin hydrated and soft. While the ampoule has a sticky thick co sistency. You kinda pat and dry them and wait til it absorbs in after its not sticky and living your skin hydrated, brighten and fresh.

I would recommend this two products.

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