Secret Key Starting Treatment 🌹ROSE EDITION🌹

I have become such a fan of the brand Secret Key. I’ve been fortunate enough to try a handful of their skincare products. I have grown very fond of the starting treatment line and have now discovered that they have a rose edition. All the products have pretty much the same ingredients as the original starting treatment essence line the only difference is the rose edition contains Rosa Centifolia Flower Water. So from the perspective of someone who has tried both starting treatment lines I would more so go with the original. The OG has a better eye cream in my opinion but I really do like the rose edition all in all and had a really fantastic experience using all three products. Secret key is definitely a brand I recommend trying out especially if your a fan of korean skincare 🙌🏻🙌🏻. 

SECRET KEY FIRST TREATMENT ESSENCE: This light weight essence is formulated to help infuse the skin with high levels of hydration. It has 7 types of intensive care at once including moisturizing, skin tone improvement, skin soothing, skin refinement, trouble alleviation, brightening, and nutrition supply. This essence is undiluted and contains Galactomyces component, which is yeast ferment filtrate.

SECRET KEY STARTING TREATMENT ROSE EYE CREAM: This eye cream is more light weight than the original but still provides a great boost of nourishment to the under eye area. Containing the same ingredients as the starting treatment essence it is sure to provide the eyes with everything it needs to look bright youthful and healthy. 

SECRET KEY STARTING TREATMENT SHEET MASK: A radiance-enhancing face mask that visibly brightens, moisturizes, and  refines the look of skin, including galactomyces ferment filtrate. Containing the same ingredients as the starting treatment essence this mask will compliment all the other skincare products from the starting treatment line. Revealing beautiful healthy bright skin that everyone will surely notice. 

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  • Bonita kasee

    This skin care looks amazing, i do like korean skin care, they have the best and always makes them look younger, definitely would try this thanks