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Second Day Hair Care

We’ve all been there. You skip a day {maybe two} of washing your hair and need to scoot out the door quickly, and stylishly.

But, what do you do with your hair? I’ve always lived under the motto that nothing is perfect and Lord knows my hair never is. I love a nicely undone, done look with my hair and my {hands down} favorite brand that I use every day is Oribe.

⭐The brand recently came out with two new amazing products. One is perfect for “second day” hair and the other is great for adding separated texture.

First of all, Oribe products smell like absolute heaven. 😍 A lot of times I’ll walk by someone and they will ask me what fragrance I am wearing and it’s not my perfume at all, it’s Oribe!

I’ve been using Mystify Restyling Spray and Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax in my hair care routine over the past few weeks and they’ve surpassed all my expectations.

Mystify is great for prolonging styles and reviving a style from the day before. It’s a hydrating spray that can be used on the ends of your hair to moisturize and protect against heat damage. Similar to using dry shampoo on roots.

Flash Form is a finishing spray wax that provides light hold, sheen and separation. Great for wavy styles. Can be used on beach waves or adding texture to layers on long or short hair – it’s also great for guys!

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