SAY YESto grapefruit masks!

Okay okay, so I know that I did a little review on this *Yesto grapefruit mask and I just want to do an update on this stuff right here,because since trying my first mask that I received in my prisimpop bag, I had to go to Walmart and buy a bunch of them because I am really in love with this product. For about $2.50 this is honestly the BEST mask out there right now. I havnt had a single breakout on my face since I started using these AND Byroe tomato serum. I am pretty sure these 2 products together create this crazy fountain of youth effect. Honestly I am starting to scare myself with how freaking good I look lately. To the point where I don't see a need to wear concealer. Thats BIG for me. I am personally grateful for Yesto.

What is your opinion on it? What's your favorite mask ?

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