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Say goodbye to false lashes with NEW Hourglass Unlocked Mascara?!😱✨

Are you tired of wearing falsies all the time? Or maybe over not finding a good mascara that will provide good length and definition to your lashes?? Well today I am here to solve all of your problems, and show you guys my new favorite, holy grail mascara, the Hourglass Unlocked Mascara. 

πŸ’› What is it? With film-forming technology this mascara coats each lash in lightweight fibers that lock in place for a high impact finish. With this mascara more is MORE. The more you apply, the more length, more definition, and more  lift you get! This mascara is long wearing, smudge proof, and is also vegan and cruelty free.βœ¨πŸ‡

These benefits are all the reason I love this mascara! I have very short, barely noticeable eyelashes, so finding a good mascara is always a struggle!! I feel like a lot of mascaras usually don't really deliver on ALL of their promises. But T H I S mascara has the most amazing formula! 

πŸ‘Lashes Before:

As you can see my lashes are super short, and hardly noticeable, even with the camera zoomed in on themπŸ˜…. Usually with mascaras I'll find one that provides great length, but not enough volume/definition. OR I find one with the perfect amount of volume/definition, but not enough length. It's quite the struggle. I usually end up mixing mascaras because of this. 

πŸ‘Lashes After: (Results) 

So as you can see the results are incredible!! This is with only two coats, but you can certainly add more! This is a very buildable mascara, and like I said, with this product, more is MORE. This mascara adds lots and lots of length to the lashes, and definition. I also felt like my lashes were lifted and had a nice curl to them! 

πŸ’­My Final Thoughts: I absolutely LOVE this mascara!! Ever since I first tried this mascara, it has become my new holy grail!! The length & definition it gives to your lashes is just incredible, and I love that you can keep building it on and make your lashes as intense as you want. No longer will I have to suffer with falsies or struggle to find the perfect mascara. If you don't think the perfect mascara exists, I highly suggest you give this one a shot!! It retails for 29$ but is worth EVERY penny. This mascara lasts literally all day long and really is smudge proof! I also really love the gold packaging. 
The only thing I will say is that at first the wand made me really nervous to try! ONLY because the last time I tried a plastic wand on another mascara, it really hurt my eyes and I never touched it again. But this wand doesn't do that at all! After I tried it, I fell in love with it immediately! I love how easy the design makes it to really coat your lashes. 


what is your holy grail mascara? What do you look for in a mascara? Let me know in the comments.✨

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  • Myshell

    Awesome Review !! Really impressive I loved it !!

  • Rachael Tam

    That looks AMAZING! Your lashes look so much longer and have the prettiest curl. Each lash separated without clumps. I am super impressed! I think that's my next mascara I'm going to buy! This is an excellent review! All of your reviews are amazing! Thank you so much for showing us how well it worked for you. Keep up the great work. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ