Well folks, here ya have it! My second Prism Pop sampler arrived today! I was beyond thrilled to receive this one. Why? There were so many, many samples to chose from! And the best part: it's all organic, cruelty free and every time you buy a product, you plant a tree. Now who doesn't love our green earth? All samples are by The Organic Skin Comapny.

Fisrt item was Task Force Nine Calendula and Turmeric Cream. The packaging is very fresh looking and dainty in my opinion. I applied the cream and it's so incredibly smooth and smells very fresh. My skin loved it and absorbed it quickly.

Next were 2 creamy eyeshadows with one looking dark grey (Silhouette) and the other a forest green (Greenstone). Comes in a cute little container and the black bottom and wooden top are appealing. I was skeptical at first because I've never used a cream shadow before but IT GOES ON EASIER! I'm a fan for life. No powder below my lids is life. And the colors are stunning. 
I then received 2 lipsticks in the colors of Galaxy and Summer Sands. I didn't like how thick they were. And I didn't really care for the taste or scent. Smelled crayon like. But, the colors are pretty for those who like reds. 
lastly, and probably my most favorite was blush and lip combo. THIS COLOR IS AMAZING! It's very smooth and easy to apply and can be used for your lips and cheeks. How can you beat that? I loved the berry look on me and it was smooth like silk. 
Final review: Big fan! I definitely recommend this company for several reasons with the most being cruelty free. Everything was beautiful and easy to apply and remove. Get you some!!

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  • Sarah Wennihan

    I got this tester bag too, I love the blush/lip combo too (received the same color). My favorite was the calendula cream, I can't use it on my face buymt it smells so good and makes my neck and hands feel great.

  • sally peabody

    Very nice review !! I loved the lipsticks I did not notice a smell but some smell better then others so I respect your opinion .I wear the summer sands daily. It is a very light pink and stays on well. I love the cheeky pod my color is Spice. They truly set up nicely with these tester bags. I love your title and I wish I could save the Planet....lol. This is very good thank you !!

  • Sabrina

    Very thorough review. Glad you were able to get this tester! 💜

  • theresa

    hi can you follow back