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Salon Blow-out At Home: The Dry Bar Brush Crush

My hair is somewhere in between curly and wavy-it is only on a very rare occasion I even attempt to style my hair after air drying (it’s usually easier to just wash my hair and start over)!I’ve been to the Drybar plenty of times for a blowout, but I’ve never tried to recreate my blowouts at home using their products-until now. Today, I’m reviewing Drybar’s newest products - The Brush Crush and the Hot Toddy heat protectant.

About the Products
The Brush Crush is a heated straightening brush. To break it down-it’s a fusion between a straightening ironing and a brush. 
It’s HOT 🔥🔥 - 💁‍♀️The bristle part and paddle heat up and then you simply “brush” your hair straight. The brush heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit-i.e. it gets really hot! When you turn the brush on, you can increase the temperature to what works best for your hair. I personally have always found to need my hot tools work best for me when they’re at least 400 degrees. 
Ionic Technology ✨- I also love that the Brush Crush uses ionic technology. I find that hair tools with this technology always leave my hair with a better texture, less frizzy, and more shiny. That stands true for the Brush Crush!
Safety Feature⏱ - The Brush has an automatic 60 minute safety shutoff-if you’re anything like me this is a HUGE relief!

Hot Toddy is the before-ironing heat protectant spray/mist.
Protect your hair ♨️ - Before ironing, mist a little in between layers to protect your hair from heat damage for tools up to 450 degrees. It’s the perfect pre-treatment for any hot tool out there!  
Smell & Texture - 
The spray smells amazing without being overwhelming. The mist doesn’t weigh your hair down at all  and leaves no residue. The spray also helps with providing some shine and sleek texture. 

A great duo💕 The spray combined with the ionic technology of the brush leaves you frizz free! 

Testing Them
I REALLY put these products to a test by testing them on not only my blow-dried hair, but also on my hair after air drying.
💦Once your hair is dry-blow dried or air dried-mist the Hot Toddy Spray in between the layers of your hair. I use about 4 generous mists and then brushed the product through my hair with my fingers.
♨️Next, I separate my hair in to sections (I do 6 sections). I always start straightening my hair from the bottom/back section and work my way to the top/front.
💈Next, start running the brush through your hair in about 1-2 inch pieces. My hair is on the thin side, so I only needed to run the brush through once or twice! You can hold the bristles either facing or away from your head.

My Results
I am so impressed with both the Brush and the Hot Toddy Spray! Both products exceeded expectations and left my hair looking and feeling healthy, full, and shiny! I love knowing I have these products to rely on both when I need to get out the door quickly and look presentable and just when I want my hair to look sleek and shiny! 
💯I highly recommend both products for anyone that straightens their hair regularly. These tools are so easy and efficient to use and leave you with just-left-the-salon fresh, sleek, and shiny hair.


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