Salmon cream

This skin cream has made my skin very soft. Yes it does say salmon cream and no it doesn't smell like the fish at all. It has a rather pleasant smell to it. I use it every morning and night. Along with a toner before i wash my face and go to be. It very compact and lightweight. Will be easy to take on the go. Just throw on your purse or make up bag and go. Its a universal moisturizer that will definitely make your skin look vibrant and give it such a amazing health glow. (A side note on this product us that it's inspired by salad ingredients.)

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  • Daisy

    I really want to try this! I am hoping to get this soon so I can do a post about it!

  • Amanda Lingle

    Lol a lot of people said they were worried about the smell before they tried it. I think thats the first thing I would have wondered. I love the fact that it makes your skin feel super moisturized and soft. Makes me want to try it. Only downfall is the cost.