Salad Skincare

I am a strong believer in natural skincare. This skincare line hit the mark with this set. 

Whats better for a healthy body than vegtable? Why not put vegtables on your face? Yes please

This line includes

Rice Cleansing Sorbet: 

Not only did it take off all my makeup but it also left my face clean , bright and fresh. Has a nice smell and is very moisturizing.

Bitter Green Essence Toner:

I am always down for a duo product. So a toner and essence in one is perfect. This product has no harsh smell and is full of nutrients. Left my face vibrant and ready for serum.

Tomato Serum:

Not only do tomatos have healthy properties thwy also help to brighten the skin. I have acne scars and this has been helping with my skin tone.

Bell Pepper Serum:

Now this serum is like a drink of water on the skin. Plumped my skin right up. Love the feeling and the affects it had on my skin.

Salmon Cream:

I love the fatty acids this cream provides. My skin soaked it up in cold winter weather. No there is not a fishy smell just a great cream to slather on your face.

Overall im really impressed with this line and im enjoying these products.

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