Ruby May Glossy AF Sausalito

Ruby May Glossy AF retail $18.99

I just received this toπŸ’„ today in a subscription box and upon initial inspection I want sure about the color for me. I thought it might be a little too peachy for my skin tone but once I tried it on I have to say I really love it! 😍

I took a picture on my hand to show the varying degrees of thickness and color transparency. I'm typically more of a red πŸ’„ or gloss kinda girl but I really liked the look of just the thin layer shown in the picture far right. It's great for a more casual look out even if you want to go for the smokey eye/subtle lip look. I really like that you can later it though to get more coverage if you want though.

Ruby May Glossy AF comes in 8 different shades and retails for $18.99:

San Francisco

Santa Cruz

Palm Springs

Santa Barbara

San Diego (My next purchase)β€οΈπŸ’‹β€οΈ

Los Angeles

Sausalito (as shown above)⬆️


Long and short of it; Yes! 

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  • Maggie

    wow this is si great!

  • Melissa Griffith

    Looks like a pretty color. I am starting to learn as well that even if a gloss doesn't look like a color I can wear, chances are if I apply it anyway it is a shade that can be pulled off. Great post BTW