Rosewater Cleansing Tonic game strong - me and my rose scent obsession

Hey everyone, Pontea here with my review of Rose Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic by Pacifica! 
🌹Not shocking, I love ROSE infused products. Rose face creams, shampoo/conditioner, toner, etc. 
🌷This is my #1 choice for toners. Refreshes my face and helps capture and lift away dirt and oil without harsh rubbing. Leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without over-drying, not to mention filled with the aroma of rosewater, which I'm obsessed with.
🌜I just use this on my face at the end of the night after taking off all my makeup, and before applying night cream. It literally captures all the extra stuff my makeup remover didn't capture and cleanses my face.
💭Final thoughts: Highly recommend! 
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  • Bonita kasee

    Definately will try, looks great, like something I need, thanks

  • samantha

    I would love to try because I love the scent of artificial roses because real roses stinks in my humble opinion

  • sally peabody

    Thank goodness we are back to using a cotton pad. I can not get use to using your fingers that is a sales gimmick to create a "new" product. Hey it is all about what you like. I love rose water for skincare. not crazy about the smell but it is beneficial and time proven. Love this product and the brand. Super review thank you !

  • Micheala

    Need to try this

  • Amanda Lingle

    A toner is Always a must. I like that you only have to use this and not other products to clean your face. That makes for a shorter time for a cleaning of the face routine. I love the smell of roses bit worried the fragrance may irratate my dry skin during the winter.

  • Christian Glam Lopez

    Omg I want to this Rose wqater so badly

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