Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette ✨🌹 First Impressions

HUDA Beauty Rose Gold REMASTERED Eyeshadow Palette!
Brand new to me ✨ Pretty leaflet insert. A lot of Rose in the shade names!

Shades I Tried & My Thoughts....
Demure - lightly brushed over lid with fluffy brush
My Thoughts
Demure is a neutral transition shade that brought out a warm pink glow for me.
So soft and smooth, applies really easily!

Sandalwood - blended into crease with Demure.
Sandalwood is a pinky light tan, just like sand.. at sunset!
Even though this is a light color, still make sure to tap your brush! These shades can be a lot.

Coco - outer corner darkening.
Coco really brought this look to life. I love how it defines the eyes.
Again... so easy!

Rose Gold - dabbed on lid with finger for maximum pigmentation.
Rose Gold one was by far my favorite in the palette annd dare I say my favorite eyeshadow shade EVER??
It's a color shifting pigment that looks more tan from one direction yet very pink from the other! 
It just blows me away with how gorgeous it looks and the formula packs a lot of punch so use a light hand as with all Huda palettes!

Overall, I'm in love with this palette for a rose gold look. Try it out if you get the chance! 😍

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  • Pauline

    Liked all your comments in your posted review about Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette sampling video. Nice variety of colors. Want to try these and similar palettes. Hope they will be offered in Rewards to redeem.

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    Very shimmery

  • Brittany

    Love the colors in the palette 😍

  • Viola McBride

    I’d love to try these colors they’re beautiful,

  • Mallory

    Omg this huda palette is gorgeous. I would fall under these eye rose gold looks any day soft brown and a rosy red with a golden hue would top it all off. I love huda palettes they are worth every penny!!!! I would love to try this one for sure!

  • LifeCoachMelanieM

    O😍M😍G😍 I 💗💓💗this Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette! I haven’t tried it, YET. But after seeing the demonstration and how lovely it looks, this is going to be a must have for my brown eyes❣️

  • Nilofar naaz

    Great video

  • Serena

    Thanks for the video CJ. Eyeshadows intimidate me because I’ve had some bad blending experiences ( by some I mean many). I’ve slowly advanced to using more than one color with the help of a good brush like Tarte’s Rule Bender which is double ended. I’m loving that Rose gold as well!

  • Christina

    I want to try

  • heavenly miranda

    its too bad i hate hudas politics! because girl that pallet look super super cute! im really glad you like that pallet and that pigmentation is top notch! so for bronze looks i generally lean towards my bronze morphe pallets and some of the pallets from colourpop to create that look for me!

  • Rasika

    Wow!The packaging is extremely beautiful! I love their formula and the pigmentation and buttery texture of their shadows is amazing.I love the rose gold color!

  • Rasika

    I Totally want it!I love makeup and this is amazing!I really hope i win this amazing makeup item.I love Prism Pop!

  • Susie Synth

    Wow! Huda beauty. First of all their packaging is extremely beautiful always! I love their formula and yes the pigmentation and buttery texture of their shadows is why I fell in love with Huda. I could create so many looks with this palette. I'd love to mix the rosegold with some black and create a pretty goth look.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I love the colors but this is a bit to pricy for me when I can get a palette for less on sale or with coupons for other great brands.

  • Jennifer

    I need this!!! In love with the colors!!!

  • lintu

    I'm in love with Huda beauty 😍 Their palettes are always so beautiful and pigmented. This one is gorgeous too and the colors are so pretty.

  • Christina Haakenson

    These are my go-to colors and I definitely would love to try them. I wonder if the pigments are as rich as they look.

  • katherine wu

    This looks like a great palette, I love Huda palettes! I would use the Demure, Coco, and Rose Gold shades to create a pretty rose gold bronzy look, and I would add matching nails to fit my style.

  • Marilyn Wagner

    To get a pretty rose gold bronzy look I would use a highlighter palette with a tan tint. I would highlight my cheekbones along with use a pretty earthy and Goldie eyeshadow palette with gold dust shimmer colors that pop then apply a pink center for the eyeshadow and I would make sure to only lately apply the block makeup such as eyeliner and mascara so you can focus more on the earthy shimmery rose gold look but I'm trying to accomplish. I would then finish it off with a nude color lipstick stain and Dad my finger and some gold dust shimmer and debit on top of my lips after my lips dry to complete my look.

  • Tina

    I use rose colors on my cheeks and eyes so having multiple shades on one pallet is Great!

  • Lisa Robles

    First! Let me say congrats to you on winning. Huda make nice eye shadow pallets. This rose gold one is beautiful.

  • Naf

    I've heard a lot about Huda beauty and that is a nice looking palette. I use a white color as the base and then use a darker rose color and fill that on the external/outside area of the eyelids and then a lighter in the middle and inside area to create the look. I normally use my fingers when I am using eyeshadow.

  • Sabrina

    Those looked really nice especially the way you put them together. The way you showed how to apply each to the eyelid was very useful. I'm more into the application of a single bronzy color, but as I work my way up in skill I hope to try the method you described. Thank you! 💜

  • haku izunami

    Such a pretty palette those shadows look so pigmented! Rose gold is a very easy look and I have the bronze pallet from morphe that will help me along the way!

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