Ritual of karma body cream

I received this product complimentary from tryazon & I've been using it along with karma body cream & shower gel for the last 3 months & I'm in love. Their whole line is totally worth having. When I apply ritual of karma body cream it actually absorbs into the skin & makes it feel silky smooth like a great body cream/lotion should do. It doesn't leave you feeling nasty & sticky which I love. This body cream smalls amazing & the scent actually lasts on your body for quit a while. That's a plus for me. I love a body cream that leaves you smelling yummy for hours on end. This brand wants you to indulge in relaxation & I definitely agree that while I'm using their ritual of karma products it does just that. I highly recommend this for the positivity its done for me & my skin.

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  • Diane St Angelo

    I never get picked to be a sampler on Tryazon! ☹️ I would love to try this too. Oh well, they gotta choose me sometime, right? 🤷

  • Marija

    This reminds me. I have some samples from Ritauls and they are good.Pls check out all my posts, comment, like and follow me back. You will earn coins to use to redeem amazing rewards :)