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Rice Rice Baby! 🍚 - Tatcha Rice Wash, a soft cream cleanser-

Will this face wash work on oily skin? 
This is my honest review on the Rice Wash by Tatcha, complimentary from prismpop! 

First of all, I LOOVE how it feels! The texture is so nice with micro granular beads, but once it got in contact with water and you are rubbing it, it foams up real good. I am actually a sucker for foamy cleanser. Straight from the tube it has a very similar scent to their Deep Cleanse cleanser *which I also love* but when it got into contact with water, the smell got stronger. I do need a couple wash to get use to the smell. 
The product itself still feel so luxurious! I used it as a morning and night face wash. My face feel so smooth and moisturized! It does not strip my natural oil excessively. I always double cleanse at night with my handy-dandy banila co balm, so this just become the cherry on top!

🍚 Pros
💜 So gentle that it did not dried my skin at all! It even moisturized it 
💜 My skin feel so soft after using this
💜 Foams up so good, it feels luxurious!
💜 Love the purple packaging


🍚 Cons
💜 Need some time to get use to the scent if you are sensitive like me to the smell
💜 Price point is quite high $35 for 120ml


🍚 Verdict 🍚
The pros definitely outweighs the cons! If you guys have read my last review about DE jelly cleanser, this definitely beats it! I would use it for morning and night cleanser, but dont forget to double cleanse if you use makeup! I would definitely repurchase this cleanser again.
5 rice out of 5! 🍚 🍚 🍚 🍚 🍚

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