Packaging - Adorable little Container that kinda looks like a little Dedorant tube.                                   Scent - It has the beautiful floral scent that reminds me of flowers on a spring day.                     Price - Revolon brings high performance makeup at affordable prices ! Beauty on a budget.                 Easy to Use - these dedorant sticks or super easy to use.                                                                              Effectiveness - High pigmented blush & highlighter that is effortlessly                                     Do you struggle to perfect your blush & highlighter look ? Maybe your just not sure exactly where to place both products ? REvLON has now made things easy on us with this Instant ChEeK MaKEr ! This thing is so easy that you literally just roll it on , I would absolutely recommend keeping your beauty bleander near by and just blending it out a little with that , My Color was Sugar plum 005 And it is a stunning color . I absolutely love this product when I'm in a hurry and trying to rush out the door , Here's a little tip , If you wanted to you could use this product for eyeshadow as well , Just use the blush on the eyelid and the highlighter on the Crease ! Please follow me for more fun ideas , I always love to make new friends and enjoy hearing your tips to . Thanks xoxo

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  • Melissa

    I need one of these

  • Serena

    MICHELLE!!!! What? Girl where have I been that I’ve never seen this. I’m obsessed. I need a face map to remember what goes where! And it can be used on lids too, smells good, affordable...On a side note I love your eyeshadow in the video too!💕

  • sally peabody

    This is great ! Helpful ideas and you and the product sounds versatile. Thank you !