My Ride or Die Eyeliner by Revlon!

Hey everyone! It's Pontea here to tell you all about Revlon's Colorstay Eyeliner in shade "Black/Noir!"
🖊My go-to eyeliner for everyday use! It stays. All.Day. Long. 
✎ I've tried other eyeliners like this but others weren't as rich and rubbed off super easily.
🖋This eyeliner is rich, thick, rolls up, stays on all day, doesn't come off easily. I've gone to the pool, to the shower, etc with this liner on my top eyelids and it has stayed on without getting ruined. It's my ride or die! 
━ Sometimes I use it to apply a wing, but it's not very wing friendly if you want a precise line. I would use a thin liquid liner for a more accurate wing.
🖤I Love this product. Highly recommend. 
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