Trying a Revitalizing Hair Oil Spray by Soapbox Soaps

I'm having a big hair day!
So I'm helping my hair live her best life by infusing with this magical avocado hair oil spray.
It's by Soapbox, a brand that gives back to the community by funding research for clean water and hygene education!
They donate soap bars to those in need and are committed to an environmentally sustainable business model.
I LOVE that!
Definitely a brand to support if you're into conservation, charity, and just dang good products!
Highly recommend.
Do you use any oils in your hair?

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  • theresa

    great review i want just get it for the smell alone . you had me when you said it smells like a sugar cookie ,. so dessert and good for hair sign me up !

  • Christian Callaway

    Love your review and think it is wonderful they are donating soap bars to those in need, especially during this time. The product looks amazing and I love how nourishing avocado can be for hair and skin!

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Girl you are just too dang cute!! Your smile makes me smile instantly. When are they going to invent smell-o-vision?! Haha. Not sure this product would be right for my hair, as I have very thin straight hair, but my daughter has super thick wavy hair. Even though I have no idea if this will work for me, you've totally made me interested! Good job. ❤️ Thanks for the review.

  • 💋~Michelle~💋

    Definitely need to try this

  • Robin Russell

    I've tried Jamaican Black castor oil. Have you tried that and compared to see which works best?

  • Patricia Alton

    I've never tried oils on my hair because it's very fine and rather limp to begin with, was always afraid it would be too heavy or just too much! But after watching your video, I might give this a shot. Thank you for a great review! And I also appreciate socially responsible companies!

  • Christine Keehn

    I haven't tried yet but would love to !

  • Pattie reed

    I haven't yet. But will love to try

  • Janice Williams

    Good video! Like the ideal that it works on all texture of hair. Plus, it does smell good.

  • Shannon Pippin

    I hated the FAB pore no more primer the first couple times I used it because of texture changes to my skin, but its effectiveness won me over!

  • Ja-Nee

    Great video. One product that changed for me was Benefit Porefessional primer. When I first got it, i hated it. It didn't do anything for my pores or to help prime my face. After coming back to it after a few weeks, i then stared to like the primer for certain areas of my face.

  • Tia kitchens

    I would have to say one product that changed for me when using was the Too Faced better than sex mascara. I know so many people love this mascara and the first time or two I used it I would say it was ok. However, after a few uses I just didn’t like it. I did not get it to perform for me the way others have and I was so sad. I wanted to love that mascara.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    This sounds really good and I never used an oil in my hair. Is this good for fine hair or does it make your hair feel or look greasy and weighed down?


    Avocados are so freaking versatile, I love them so much! I got some avocado argan oil from HAIRFOOD, And I am in love with it. It has that sweet smell that you are talking about. I really want to try this now!

  • katherine wu

    Great review! I love how the brand gives back! A time when my opinion of a product changed after multiple uses was with tea tree oil. I had a lot of dandruff, so I decided to give it a try. I didn't like it at first, especially because of the scent, but now I am totally in love!

  • Charley

    This sounds like an amazing product that might make you hungry for sweets. but who doesn't like the smell of something sweet on your hair. Avocado oil is great for your hair. I usually use jojoba oil on my hair ends. I have done a avocado hair mask. This brand and product I will definitely look up and try a few products. I love a company that gives back as well. I really want to try.

  • Marilyn Wagner

    A product that my opinion changed after multiple use I would have to say dry shampoo. The first time I ever used it it was fairly new to me and I didn't quite get it I don't remember the brand I use but I remember how much I hated it. so I ended up getting a beauty box from Birchbox and in it was dry shampoo Batiste dry shampoo and I ended up falling in love with it. Maybe the first brand wasn't as good as Batiste that or I just didn't use it quite properly. But I have become a loyal dry shampoo fan.

  • Barb simon

    Would luv to try

  • Tina Dalasinski

    😍. I so wanna try this . I recently got a hair oil to test out from a site I belong to and the first try was like ok I like this and after a few more tries I really liked it. It is by hair food it is avocado and argan hair oil it smells heavenly. I will definitely be getting more of this stuff you can use it on damp hair or on dry hair I like it on dry hair the best being I straighten my hair.

  • Patricia

    Avocado oil is great, but Avocado oil that smells like dessert must be amazing 😍 very curious about this brand, would love to try it! I love oils Avocado, Argan, Castor, Almond oils, bit since my hair is too thin, and straight I like to use it before washing my hair as a treatment, and use it very sparingly on my ends, love your demo, and review!

  • Tina Geane

    Wow, before I get to Hair Oil Vivian I am so impressed by this company's buisness model. I love a good cause & when you can connect a beauty brand & a company that stands behind such a great & vitally important cause for so many people I absolutely love it! Now, I always thought "No Way No Oil for this Fine, Thin, Flat Hair" until I found Moroccan Oil I love this brand they have so many really great products. That actually give my hair life, they have a product to help with split ends, one that actually gives me body. But my favorite & continace use us Moroccan Oil Protect & Provent Spray.. It protects my color from fading so fast, protects against heat appliances damage, UV damage , pollution damage. I absolutely love this product & it smells heavenly!! Vivian Thank You for introducing us to your wonderful product & the company Soapbox I am going to check them out today! Great Job & Beautiful Haor Girl!!

  • Sindra ~

    I'm not one for oils for your hair.but I have tried the leave in dry shampoo he. due to health issues I have a problem w washing my hair on a regular basis so I had tried the dry shampoo have.the regular one I'd used several times but I don't know if I purchased a bad can or what it was it was absolutely terrible.i used the dry shampoo has said in the directions as usual.but when I went to brush my hair it looked like I put baby powder on my hair then I had a hard time brushing my was so bad I had to jump in the shower and wash the dry shampoo has out of my as for that brand I really don't believe I'd use that again.i did take the reception to the store w the product purchased and the store said they really haven't had any complaints so contact the makers of the product..maybe it was my mistake useing it on my part or it may have been a bad can either way no harm done I just won't use the products again..

  • Debbie Ricards

    I believe oils are essential for healthy hair. I have bought at least 8 different ones and made 3 myself from scratch. They really add to the condition of your hair, as well as strengthening it. I would love to try this avocado one.

  • Laura

    So awesome that they give back. I’m always looking for a good oil to nourish my curly hair

  • Sabrina

    A natural hair oil that smells like dessert?? Totally not safe from me, lol! I would love to try this! The hair product that I started using was coconut oil and I did not like it at all. It say on my hair, kind of blocked my pores and not to my liking. What changed my mind was mixing it with other oils. I've gotten a lot of free oils through promotions and I not love mixing it with Shea Butter and some grapeseed oil, maybe some JBCO and avocado or almond oil. I also have a concoction I saw on YouTube I made where the oils are infused with neem powder for two weeks (smells unexpectedly amazing!).

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